The Kiama is part of the OP range that includes the Kiama (Compact Skirt), Noosa (Std-Large Size Skirt) and Eden (XL Skirt).

The key to the Kiama is in its skirt and frame design. The compact skirt conforms to a wide range of face shapes and along with the frame keeps the 2 lens system angled and close to the diver’s eyes. With skirt mounted the quick adjust buckles this mask is sure to increase your diving enjoyment.

This is a great all round mask but especially good for the avid snorkeler and Free diver.

These are some of our most popular Snorkelling Masks, with dive quality soft silicone, pair it up with a Typhoon2 Snorkel for the perfect set.


  • Quality Compact Japanese silicone skirt
  • Skirt mounted quick adjust buckles
  • Angles frame and lenses
  • Prescription Lenses are available
  • Compact 2 lens design keeps internal volume extremely low


  • Black/Black
  • Black/Blue
  • Clear/Titanium (Grey)
  • White/White

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